Conor Peters IT Manager

Conor Peters

Conor is the IT manager for a group of doctors’ practices in the UK.  Each practice uses Sage Accounts and Payroll but they also have their own in-house practice management software with an online appointment booking system.  As the group expanded nationally Mark was founding it difficult to over-see each individual practice.  So he spoke to Online50 about that various hosting solutions on offer.

In this case Online50 felt that the best fit would be our CloudSourced IT solution which would bring the whole IT infrastructure into the cloud.  Online50 would managed the hosting of the main servers and would provide local, managed thin client computers and printers

With Conor at the helm providing overall management of the system and working hand in hand with Online50 to manage the infrastructure each new practice can be up and running on the new system within a couple of days and are immediately integrated into the practice with training from Conor and his team.

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