Jennifer Williamson Small Business Owner & Working Mum

Jennifer Williamson

Jenny started her design business five years ago and it has gone from strength to strength.  She designs signage and shop interiors for small artisan retailers.

Working from home was ideal for Jenny as it helped her balance her work and family, but as the business grew she realised that she needed more visibility of her financials.  She used Microsoft Office on her Mac and was working off spreadsheets.  Through a meeting with another work from home Mum she realised that she needed someone with an understanding of accounting to look after her.

Now she is supported by a book-keeper using Online50.  Both of them can have access to Jenny's accounts in Sage 50 using the Online50 service — even though Sage 50 cannot normally be run on a Mac.

Online50 provides a flexible way for Jenny to share a workload.

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