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One of the reasons for going to the Cloud is to enable access to your information from anywhwere.  But once your data is in the cloud, how do you access it if you have problems getting online?  You don't want limited connectivity to limit your productivity.

To keep your productivity up, even when the WiFi goes down, you need applications that support a level of offline working.  For productivity software choose Office 365 with OneDrive for Business, keeping copies of your important files on your device as well as in the cloud.

As a service provider, not a software vendor, Online50's main services are all based on software that allows you to take your data offline.  Experienced users of Cloud services know that having portability of their data is important.  Some cloud applications might not allow you to export all of your data in a form that can be easily used if you want to change systems.  Of course it's in the interests of the people selling you cloud only applications that you continue to use that application...

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