Online Software Web (Browser) Applications vs In Cloud Applications

Online Software

Software that processes records in a database needs to run where the data is.  Users that aren't where the data is still need to interact with the software.  The two main ways to allow a remote user to interact with software are as an In Cloud Application or a Web Application.

In Cloud Applications are fully featured programs running in the Cloud.  Users connect to the application and can interact with it as if it was running on their own system.  This minimises the data that's exchanged so can be used over lower bandwidth connections.

Web Applications are web pages that present data to the user and allows them to provide input.  Typically the user needs to download the design assets, interface logic and subsets of data, and so needs more bandwidth.  Suitable for entering data or consuming information, but less useful for analysing information.

Online50 provides both In Cloud applications and web applications according to user need.

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